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July 10 2011 News and Notes

Today Shawn taught us about blessings and we all participated in a water blessing.  We don’t really give blessings much thought.  Blessings can take a lot of forms, but they must be freely given with a loving heart, a compassionate mind and a willing spirit.  Otherwise, it is just going through the motions.  Blessings can involve touch… laying on of hands or an embrace.  Blessings often involve hands making some obvious action but that is not necessary.  The essence of a blessing is the wholeness of the spirit unobstructed.  The spirit does not require hand movements to make a go of it.

David Spangler writes that the art of the blessing has an improvisational element.  We must

1. be mindful of the occasion,

2. Idenify yourself as the blessor.

3. Be open to alligning yourself with the blessee.

4. Inhabit the space.

5. perform the act of blessing.

In our water blessing, everyone took turns blessing the water and, if you care to, add a comment about our relationship with water.  Peace, rememberance of childhood, connectedness, bringer of wealth, trouble, and calm, precious giver of life, nourisher of trees, nourisher of the land a cure for the ills of the spirit, and silence.

There is a pot luck next Saturday night, July 16 with a red white and blue theme.  Betty said Cathy is providing a movie but Cathy wasn’t there today to defend herself from the charge.  The 350 day schedule is firming up for the fall.  Also, the Three Cranes Druids have been asked to perform a religious service at the Dublin Irish Festival on Sunday morning.  That will be Sunday Aug 7 at 10:00 am.

After the service on Sunday August 28 we are having a picnic.  Warren Wolfe is the speaker that day.

Remember to re-register your kroger card.  The number is 80237.

Yours, Rick

Posted 5 years, 2 months ago at 10:41 pm.

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Need to know who is up for a pot luck Saturday June 19

We forgot to announce the potluck for Saturday night.  If you are coming, please call Betty (614) 231-4840 to let her know that there are enough people coming (… otherwise she might cancel it on us and you wouldn’t want that.)

Posted 6 years, 3 months ago at 8:42 pm.

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To all visitors attending our potlucks.


Our potluck movies nights are welcome to all. If you are a visitor and wishing to attend a movie potluck night then please call Betty A. at 231-4840 area code 614.

Posted 8 years, 10 months ago at 1:24 am.

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