The Sierra Club and 1 Sky are joining a national demonstration of people outraged at the disaster of the Deep Water Horizon drilling gusher on the Gulf of Mexico (and beyond).  It is actually a very brief action. People who care will be joining hands for 15 minutes at noon EST this coming Saturday June 26th.           

    There are two locations in Columbus. Hoover Dam and Weiland Park (a city park near OSU campus). The assembly time will be 11 am.  It will take longer to drive than to carry through the symbolic action. To be a part of the visible reaction of individuals to powerful energy industries is small but united can be potent. Also UU First Church is informed and invited to participate in Hand Across the Sand.
   For info and directions go to:

If you have any questions contact Becca at (614) 260-1319

or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (614) 461-0734 ext306