Stan made quick work of the board meeting this month.  The minutes from last month were tabled because they had been left on a table that wasn't the table where the board meeting was being held.  The Treasurer's report was discussed pretty much the same way all the Treasurer's reports are always discussed. The annual insurance policy was paid, so there was a big hole in the budget when looked at from the point of view of one unlucky month when that bill gets paid.

The Space Cadets have really cleaned up the sanctuary to make more... um... space.  The Statue of Liberty was bubble-wrapped and stored... ok, she was put out on the back porch but there is a foot of snow on the ground right now.  The easy chair was easily taken by Material Subsistence Providers who apparently take furniture and keep it until someone needs it.  I couldn't find a link on the internet to this outfit so you have to take the Space Cadet's word for it.

A group called Sustainable Reynoldsburg has contacted us to inquire whether we would be interested in participating in their community garden project.  We told them our garden project had guardn' problems because the rabbits and raccoons feasted until the deer came to muscle them aside.  Anyone interested in participating in Sustainable Reynoldsburg can find out more at:

The Potluck is canceled for February 2010.  We are all looking forward to March.  More snow tomorrow-- President's day.  Stay healthy.