The monthly board meeting.  Everyone is invited... few actually attend.  There is a reason.

Gordon gaveled the meeting to order without a gavel or a pocket knife (which is how Stan does it.)  It was moved and seconded that we recess for Standing Women at 1PM.  It evenually emerged that May's meeting was supposed to have been the bi-annual congregational meeting even though the special meetings are supposed to be semiannual.  As of November 14, 1999 the offices of President, President Elect, Secretary, member at large, and Treasurer are at stake in the semi-biannual congregational meeting.  However the meeting must be announced two weeks in advace of its being held, so the earliest that it can be held is 2 weeks.

The end of the year means pledge time.  Jim proffered a suggested note asking for donations, but there were several objections resulting in withdrawing the document.   Marcos and Jan will create a better document and return with it next month.  The UU head office requires a donation of some number of dollars a month and the expenses of running the building run some number of dollars a month and we need people to give their coin in order to pay the expenses.   The document is all about explaining that to the members.

The new Kroger program requires the non-proffit organization to produce a form 501(c) 3 form which we have not got.  The application fee cost $400.  The IRS will send a note that explains why the designation is not reqired for tax purposes.  Hope it works, don't hold your breath over it.