Here is a quick summary of what went on this month:  

Our official count is 20 members.  We have many people who attend regularly but choose not to be officially connected as members and some members who don't attend regularly.  Nevertheless, this is the official number for our end of year tally.

The Electric bill was way down from previous years with the installation of our new heating and air conditioning unit.  It was a big undertaking to get that unit installed, but we had no choice... a church cannot operate without heat and probably shouldn't operate without air conditioning (although we did do that this summer as we wrestled with the financial commitment to the heating contractors.)

Mathews Tree service was engaged to cut down the limb that was perilously threatening one corner of the building.  Only the one limb was removed.  It is a beech tree... slow growing and very dense.  That limb was heavy.

Elisabeth was officially recognized for all her hard work.

Madeline was given authority to say whether we hold services due to inclement weather.

Take care,