Today Madeline spoke to us about what we hope for and what we are willing to leave behind.  She quoted:

In this new year, let us be amazed.
Let us search for new life and hope in our midst.
Let us nurture creativity in every form.
Let us be reminded that new insights of the universe are always being made.
In this new year, let us be amazed.

By Aaron Stockwell

Each of us wrote down something we wanted to let go of and we took that paper to the urn where we drowned it in the water in the urn.  Madeline then lead us to a discussion about our hopes.  as Andy pointed out, we are teachers, veterans, government workers, office workers, customer service agents and warehouse workers.  We are not the powerful or influential people of our state, but we come here to join with open hearts and minds to worship together and to find what is sacred among us.  

Other ideas we shared:  We hope that new people ... younger people ... will emerge as new leaders who will champion good ideas. We hope that clinging to old ideas do not choke out the new.  We hope that the promises made by the new administration will be tempered by reality (and, dare we hope, justice.)  The nation has elected a man who used the tactics typical of a demagogue to get elected.  We do not live in a safe secure world, though in our fantasies, we want it to be.  A demagogue typically removes our liberty in the pursuit of safety and security. A demagogue requires followers. We hope that the institutions given to us by the Constitution of the United States are strong enough to resist.  We hope that our elected Representatives and Senators are strong enough to defend the Constitution.  

Here is a little known fact unless you are a great artist of trivia or American History.  The very first law passed by Congress under the new U.S. Constitution was to establish an oath of office and it is still in force.  Every Office holder, government worker, Army soldier swears this oath of allegiance.  Our protection from demagogues is that the oath of office does NOT say you will support the President... it says you will support the Constitution.

Let us be amazed at the hope in our midst.



Oh... one more thing.  There is a one minute youtube video out there that was posted under the title Andy Griffith vs. the Patriot Act.  I recommend it. You can search for it or click this link: