Today Madeline spoke to us Peter Clark (1829-1925) in honor of Black History Monty.  Mr Clark was from Ohio and became a teacher in the black schools in Cincinnati when they first began in 1849.  That is reason enough to honor him, but Mr Clark was a free thinker close to our own hearts.  He didn't teach the bible lessons as part of history as was expected in those times.  He pointed to Thomas Paine the firebrand founding father who was a product of the age of reason. The school board did not appreciate his views of the meaning of the life of Jesus, so he was let go.

Clark worked with Fredrick Douglas on the North Star and he was an avid speaker on the lecture circuit that was popular in those times. He was a good speaker and he was a pro-integration socialist abolitionist.  In one debate, the segregationists were carrying the day and Mr Clark put himself at risk by going on the stage.  It was a brave thing to do in front of a hostile audience, but his argument was so sincere that he calmed the situation down (and perhaps swayed a fer people as well.)

He worked tirelessly for the Republican party which was the party of the abolitionist movement.  Later he became disillusioned and joined the Socialist Labor party which was then the Workingman's party.  

We are proud to have him in our heritage.

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