Today Steve Farber came to talk to us about the BDS movement (Boycott, Divest & Sanction) to begin to apply pressure on Israel to treat its Palestinian population (according to international law) with more humanity.  

He points out that the BDS movement is largely Jewish people who believe that what the Israeli government has been doing to the Palestinian population is not right, and is not consistent with Judaism.  The response of the government has been to treat the BDS movement as an attack on the government itself.  So the ageless problem of mis-characterizing the arguments of your opponent on the other side continues today.

There was much discussion about this.  One very important point that is often not understood in the U.S. is that, despite news of elections being held periodically, Israel avoids becoming a democracy.  Only its Jewish citizens can vote.  They are unapologetic about the fact that the state has many citizens who are not allowed to vote because of their religion.  The 2016 election cycle in the U.S. brings more attention to that issue because, it has become increasingly obvious, there are many Americans who believe religious discrimination in the U.S. should be allowed.

We Unitarian Universalists honor our Jewish and Christian roots, but we believe in honoring truths found in other religious expressions.  Moreover, we are a part of a long, liberal tradition of reason, tolerance, hope, and liberty.  We welcome diverse people and views.

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Here is more about the Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement: