Today Madeline spoke to us about the origins of Mother's day and the Mothers for Peace movement.  We have heard about the movement that Anna Jarvis started in West Virginia to bring Mother's Day to the attention of the Nation.  But, Madeline also explained how that effort was preceded by Julia Ward Howe's pacifism movement and her Association for the Advancement of Women.  Her Appeal to Womenhood throughout the World was written in 1870 in exasperation over the carnage of the recently completed American Civil War and the beginning of the Franco-Prussian War in Europe.  In 1872 Howe asked for the celebration of a "Mother's Day for Peace" on 2 June of every year, but she was unsuccessful. 

The appeal is included in the Unitarian Universalist hymnal Singing the Living Tradition. because, that's just how we roll in the Unitarian Universalist world.

Today is also the day we observe Mother's Standing for Peace.

Come joins us.  Every Sunday is something different, but we are here building a supportive community that eases isolation and opens our hearts to others.  Come be the next person we open our hearts to.



(Yes, I know I ended that sentence with a preposition.  Winston Churchill of all people defended the practice.  He mocked the people who frown on the practice in his famous quote on the subject)