Andy spoke to us on these two successive weeks about the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all... and in this case, he was talking specifically about Jobs.  Jobs in America is a tricky subject to address.  This is especially true after the recent election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States.

Andy's analysis, in short, is that the economy is that jobs (read occupations) come and go.  The loss of manufacturing jobs is not due to the jobs moving to other countries according to Andy's analysis.  The jobs are being lost to technology, and technological change.  Technology causes job loss in places like the auto industry where the process of making the car doesn't change, but much of the work of bolting things on is now done by machine instead of by human hands.  Technological change causes job losses by changing the the economy in such a way that some things just aren't needed anymore.  The classic example is "buggy whips" but it applies today to industries such as coal mining.  We just do not need as much coal to fuel the economy as we once did. 

Service jobs have taken up some of the manpower of the nation but manufacturing jobs require lots of employment to support the manufacturing and service sector jobs require fewer support jobs.  Moreover, now service jobs are under threat of being replaced by technology too.  Many people are employed today as drivers.  As driverless vehicles takeover, those jobs will go away too.  Over-the-road truck drivers have a highly developed skill set in making that big truck go where you want it to go (especially wnen driving backwards into a loading dock.)  What will happen when those jobs are automated?   Nobody knows.  

We are concerned.

If you are concerned, please join us on a Sunday morning as we can all commiserate together.  We have seven principles in Unitarian Universalism, and everything after that is a conversation.