The Unitarian General Assembly is going on in New Orleans this week.  The keynote speaker (the Ware Lecture) this year is by Bryan Stevenson.  Today's service was a video stream of the lecture.  

Equal justice in this world is an achievable goal.  In his opinion, there are a few things that are necessary for the activist to do.

1) Proximity.  You have to go and be with the people who are being marginalized or mistreated.  You have to live it, or see those who live it.

2) Change the narrative.  Labels often make thing worse or make things better.  Beware of the categorical shorthand.  "Predators" make you afraid, but there is a human behind that label that isn't necessarily scary at all.  Alcoholics are labeled as "sick".  Drug addicts are labeled "criminals".  Don't let them label the problem in such a way that you can't fix it... change the narrative.

3) Remain Hopeful.  Hopelessness is the enemy of justice.  It makes you stand up when other people sit down.

4) Be willing to do uncomfortable things.  Can you think of a time when a major change took place and nobody had to do anything uncomfortable?

Each of us is more than the things we have done.  The commitment to justice is not how we protect the rich, it is how we treat the poor.  The opposite of poverty is justice.


If these are the issues that stir you and you would like to join a small community of people who meet to discuss topics such as social justice, then come drop in some Sunday.