Each year we have a service about water in September.  At the end of summer it is well to remember how much we depend on it for life.  There are times when a physician may proscribe water as the sole treatment for what a body needs for healing.  There are times when the planet earth uses water to remind we humans that the eco-system of the planet needs healing.   Langston Hughes wrote about such water and such people in their relationship with Rivers.

Today we shared among ourselves our relationship with the creeks behind the house, and the water in her mother in law's pond.  We spoke of being happy to live in a place where we take clean water for granted.  We spoke of water used for transportation of people to America, and we spoke of water leaking through the roof.  Water of the Colorado River is completely subjected to politics, and water was at the center of some family strife.  This year, we had people bring water from the Georgia coast and from Alaska to contribute to our common vessel of water.  And this year, for the first time, we had water collected under the watchful gaze of the eclipse.

Water connects us, we share it.  Water transports us, so we can share ourselves.

Come visit us in peace.