We are told that 40% of the country reports that politics has interfered with a personal relationship.  In these times, its hard to imagine how that 60% managed to do it.  In these times the key to maintaining a working relationship instead of pulling apart is to listen and learn.  This service was a discussion about this.

Debate is what happens when you try to change someone else's point of view.  This rarely works in personal relationships.  If you are open to learning, then a dialog is possible.  The key is to be open to learning.  Find out why the other person believes the way they do.  Finding out their own personal journey may make it understandable how they arrived at the place they are at.  Telling yours may make them understand.  Listening is key.

We don't usually talk about politics, but each Sunday is a little different.  We are exploring spirituality and we are exploring how humans get along with one another as well as how humans get a long with the divine.  Come join us some Sunday.



Addendum:  I found a better way of describing this service on Patheos