Madeline, Elizabeth, and Betty spoke to us about Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Evangeline Booth, Clara Barton, and John Lennon.  Madeline presented a comparison of Lincoln’s life with Barack Obama’s life.  Both served a single term in Congress from Illinois and both came to national attention from a single speech.  Lincoln at Cooper Union, and Obama at the Democratic National Convention.  Oddly enough, both jeopardized their political career by opposing wars:  Lincoln opposed Polk’s venture into Mexico and Obama opposed Bush’s venture into Iraq.

Elizabeth told us about Evangeline Booth and the founding of the Salvation Army.  Booth arranged for the Salvationists to accompany the U.S. Troops into France in WWI.  They provided the army with much needed care, comfort, food and even entertainment… which the War Department had not seen fit to provide.  Clara Barton founded the Red Cross.  She started by caring for the wounded in the American Civil War.  Interestingly, she never took a side in any debate on politics or morality.  She saw suffering, and she tried to relieve suffering, whether brought on by war or by human error or deficiency.

Betty told us about John Lennon and his struggle to bring the idea of peace to the world.  She read several rememberances  about John Lennon from some very famous people.

The Three Cranes Grove is celebrating Imbolc on Jan 29 at Blacklick Park.  Come at 5:30 with Ceremony at 6:30.  They are at the heated shelter so don’t worry about the weather.

Next Saturday is the third Saturday (Jan 21) and that means our oun pot luck will be happening at the church.  It is National Hug Day, so that is the theme.

Shawn’s birthday is Saturday.  Jan’s birthday is the 17th.

Lars is walking now… hold on to your hats.