Today we had a memorial service for or friend Shirley (1936-2011).  She is still with us in our memories and thoughts.  It is especially suitable to us as the autumn draws us in because we all remember so vividly the Thanksgiving service she gave to us last year.  As Becca said: “I felt like she was snatched away from us.”  Shirley made a banner for our main gathering room and we hung it up today.

Shirley had been planning a presentation on the life of Lydia Francis Child (1802-1880) so we did that today in her honor.   She was an abolutionist, women’s rights activist, author, and a Unitarian.

In other news;  Please register to vote.  Last night’s pot luck was great, and special thanks to Elizabeth and Deepa for helping out.  Jim Crowley came over to rescue Thurmon’s virus infected computer, so Thurmon made a special donation to the church in his honor.  We are all Thankful for Jim’s assistance and we don’t stop to tell him often enough.  We lit a candle for Barbara, and one for Charlotte who has lost her job to a RIFF.  We also lit a candle for Gordon who is attending his nephew’s funeral this weekend.

If there is anything you would like to learn more about and you think it would make a nice topic for us all, you can take that idea to David Soliday and he will consider taking it on as a sunday sermon.

For a children’s story today, we played a video of  the “Over the River and Through the Woods” song.  The original poem was written by:  Lydia Francis Child.