David Soliday talked to us about Krishna Janmashtami (birthday of Krishna)  Dramatic enactments of the life of Krishna, are customary.  Young men form human pyramids to reach a high-hanging pot of butter to represent Krishma’s love of butter.  Krishna was naughty but everyone loved him except the evil king who would stop at nothing to kill the young prince.  Even Krishna’ s punishments were administered with love and compassion.

Barbara is out of the hospital and is feeling better.  She is recovering at her home.  We lit candles for peace in the UK, people killed and injured in Indianapolis last night.  We lit one for the people in Somalia and for Elizabeth’s niece.  The three cranes group performed a Lughnasa at the Dublin Irish Music festival and drew 350 people….

There will be a pot luck after the service on Sep 28.  September 24 is a day in Columbus to move beyond fossil fuels.  There is an 8 mile bike ride leaving from Columbus, Franklin Park Conservatory at noon.  September 24 is also the day that David Soliday will be hosting Earth Dance at the Ohio Wesleyan college in Delaware (to start at 4PM).

The board authorized some picnic tables for the back yard.

Peace, Rick