Today was Angel’s Spiritual Journey: Far From Over.

Angel was raised in both the Church of God and the Disciples of Christ.  The conflicting views of Christianity caused a serious split within.  The love of history brought her to the old testament.  The Disciples of Christ taught her to question.  But not too much.  For instance, if thou shalt have no gods before me, then why do we pray to Jesus?  Reading the Bible can get one into trouble in some circles.  Next up: Gnosticism.

This week Lars celebrated his first birthday.  We sang Happy Birthday to him in church and he didn’t even cry.  This week Elizabeth started fixing the screen on the back porch.  New musical group is starting up.  Practice probably on Saturday.   Stan is going to have a pacemaker put in this week – this is now done as out patient surgery.  Barbara’s birthday was last week.  She is living at Wesley Ridge assisted living facility.