Anger – Marlene and Megan, Envy – Thurman, Gluttony – Madeline, Greed – Matt, Lust – Gordon, Pride – John, and Sloth – Jim and Jan


Today we had an all star cast on hand to explain to us about the seven deadly sins.  Being Unitarian, we were a little unsure about these things so they had to list them for us.  Anger, Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, and Sloth.

Megan lead off with an explanation of Anger.  Megan is an art therapist by way of occupation and she helps people through their anger using art.  She pointed out that anger can be controlled or uncontrolled.  The uncontrolled sort is often characterized as wrath as it turns violent.  However deadly it may be, there is an intrinsic value to anger and it is often suppressed in very unhealthy ways.  But anger can be appropriately channeled and it is considered a functional necessity for survival.  If you or a loved one are attacked, anger can help channel a very appropriate response.  Nevertheless, the Catholic church defines anger as the power of vengeance which is sinful, the Buddhists consider it one of the 5 hindrances and the Judaic tradition holds that  

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,
And he who rules his spirit, than he who captures a city (Proverbs 16:32)

Thurman said Envy is characterized by an insatiable desire for things not material.  When you perceive something lacking in yourself and you wish to deprive someone else of it, then envy is destructive… except when you are trying to evoke those thoughts in others when you are trying to show off your new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Madeline said Gluttony depends on your perspective.  Poor people eating a lot are gluttonous.  Rich people eating a lot are living well.

Matt said Greed is having unmet needs that you are trying to satisfy.  How much is enough?  What is greed in the service of others.  That is to say what if you are trying to feed a family or a community? 

Gordon said Lust is pleasure, eager appetite, desire or excessive desire.  It seems to have negative connotations when the church is talking about it but who has not felt that way sometimes?  If pursuit of it injures yourself or others, then perhaps it is bad, but most of the time society claims that it is injurious to the community the real reason is that society just doesn’t approve of it.

John talked about Pride.  He said that pride is the worst because in encompasses all the other deadly sins. 

Jim and Jan together demonstrated Sloth. The church likes to define it as the failure to use ones talents and gifts.  It is a sin of omission against the community.  The community has a funny way of extracting vengeance against its members who do not work had and donate a good part of their labor to the well being of the church.

IN other news.  The Potluck is NEXT Saturday folks.  Don’t miss it.  On June 13 Teresa Mills, director of the Buckeye Environmental Networkwill be speaking about Fracking in the land below Ohio.  July 1 will be Pyropaloosaat Sean’s house… all are invited. The spelling checker does not like pyropaloosa so we shall have to refer to it as amateur pyrotechnics on steroids.