Today Bob F. spoke to us about Egypt.  He began with a wonderful children’s story about how you explain to your children how you were able to defeat a ferocious lion.

The core of the ancient Egyptian religion is balance of truth and right.  The duality of the country – split as it was between the Upper Nile and the Lower Nile regions reflect this.  the tension between the brothers Horace and Seth reflect this as well.  They validate each other.  You can’t have a good one without having a bad one as counterbalance.

Egyptian temples were repositories for Icons, not places where worship services were held.  We know very little about the religion because of the Roman influence to destroy the ancient culture.  It had survived invasions for many thousands of years before the Romans got their hands on the place.

An interesting rediscovery of the ancient beliefs comes from the wall art.  When you die, your heart is weighted down by the bad things you have done… sins if you prefer.  In order to pass to the happy place  (the fields of Yaaru) you must have a heart that is no heavier than a feather.  An interesting way of seeing  judgement day.

Other interesting aspects are the Egypian antecedents to Jesus.  Horace was the son of a spirit father and earthly woman.  He went to the desert and faced his dark side there.  I also thought it was interesting that the balance of good and evil in Egypt is reflected in Christian thought in subtle ways.  The dark side is required to counterbalance the good side in both.  Jesus could not have become Jesus afterall, had Judas not been there to start the ball rolling toward the Jesus’s capture. 

Today was Standing Women day.  We had a wonderful story of the Standing Women depicted for us.  So many hats, too.

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