Today Kathy spoke to us about our “Calling”  using Frand Capra’s  “Its a Wonderful Life” as a metaphor.  This is the movie where the clever but nutty Clarence the guardian angel convinces George Bailey that his life was not a failure.

To what extent do we get to choose our own calling?  George Bailey has big plans to see the world and to build things.  But his aspirations weren’t enough to keep him from saving the town in its hour of need.  He, aided and abetted by his new wife, Mary, save the town from ruining the “Building and Loan” in a bank panic and he never does get out into the world to make his mark.  He spends his life saving the saving the town through running the Building and Loan even though his aspiration was to leave and build things somewhere else.

There is a theory called an Acorn theory that says we are born with a seed inside of us that gives us the ability to become what we are to become.  This is a key element of Budist, Mormon and Hindu thought… that we have a destiny that we must nurture and embrace.  But, contrary to that,  it is said that a man is born many men, but dies only one (attributed to Martin Heidegger.)

Kathy introduced another theory that the soul alters aspirations and achievements, and another that our circumstances introduce limitations.  Winston Churchill was sick as a child, for example, and he gained his deep understanding of people through the books he read as a child.  In George Bailey’s case, his father dies and there is no one to take over the Building and Loan if George does not do it.

Often we do not like limitations being put on us, but often the limitation is a blessing. You may know someone with lots of talent that never settles down to accomplishing things because they are always chasing off in another direction.  Or as Harry Nillson put it when he described the troubles of Oblio, the pointless child… a point in every direction is the same as no point at all.

Your calling is not necessarily your vocation.  The final 10 minutes of the final Oprah show was devoted to Oprah Winfrey imploring everyone to take their own individual point of light and use it to illuminate their individual piece of the world.  Your point of light may be tied to your job, but it is just as likely that your calling is what happens in your life when you are occupied doing something else.

“The truth is that when we are summoned, it is not because we are great or special, but because we can give of ourselves to the norld in some way.” – David Spangler

Joys concerns, and announcements:  The new parking lot should be going in this week.  Next Saturday is John Martin’s ordination.  The ceremony will happen at 2PM June 4 in Belleville.   John’s will be speaking to our congregation on Sunday under the topic:  The Gospel according to John.   Gordon and Elizabeth want to start a walking group in Blacklick Park on Sunday afternoons.

The children’s story was “The Pea Blossom.”  It is about a pea that does not get to chose its destiny, but is happy because it was open to the possibilities of the universe.

As always,