David Soliday spoke to us today about his trip escorting college kids to Jamaica to help fix up a homeless shelter in Kingston.   He said Islanders are much more relaxed about things and its easy to settle in.  The return to busy America was culture shock.  He spent some time getting used to the culture shock of being a distinct minority race in a foreign country.  He thought painting the homeless shelter was important (it was pretty grim before they started and quite colorful and cheerful afterward) but the importance of it was magnified by the fact that people came to the country to do the work.  Staying in America and paying for the paint and labor would not have achieved the same amount of good will.  How much difference can paint make?  How much difference can good will make?

The children’s story was “One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish” read in Jamaican Patois.

Announcements:  The Ohio Meadville Assembly and the Central Ohio Cluster is meeting next weekend and there is no one to represent our little UUCE congregation.  If you have the time, we have the driving directions.  We are looking for a volunteer.  It is mostly a Saturday event with a few niceties on Friday and a service Sunday morning.

There is a new chore list for everyone to sign up for.  We don’t want the same people to do all the work.  Share the fun.

Remember the potluck is the third Saturday.  This month’s after dinner movie was the modern remake of Homer’s Odyssey:  Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Joys and Sorrows:  We lit a candle because the U.S. launched cruise missiles into Libya and we are lighting a candle in the hope that some sanity will come out of this.  … although all of us recognize the incongruity of hoping for sanity out of a situation that starts off with the launching of cruise missiles.  Barbara is in Westley Glen rehab center and we all wish her the best.  A card is always appreciated.  We lit a candle in hopes that the fallout from the Japanese nuclear reactors will disburse without doing harm.