David Soliday spoke to us about his spiritual journey.  David had a difficult childhood, jumping between the households of his divorced parents.  While still in high school and while still a devotee of the Grateful Dead, he discovered the Hare Krishna movement.  He moved into one of their communities on his own before graduating from high school.  He found in that group a world view that answered his questions.  He did well there, remained for six years, got married, and had a child.  These events changed his perspective on life, as they often do for most of us and he thought about leaving the group.  It turned out to be much more difficult to move out of the group than it was to move in.  His group, however was in conflict with other Hare Krishna groups, and with the local authorities.

Eventually, David came to Columbus and met CJ.  He received a degree from DeVry in Computer Science.  Ultimately this was unsatisfactory, and CJ encouraged him to attend the seminary.  Internships in Central Ohio are problematic, but moving a family around the country to attend an internship on a stipend is also problematic.  Still, the class “intro to pastoral care” introduced him to pastoral counseling which is something that, it turns out, he is especially suited for.

Nevertheless, it was the computer which provides the lively hood.  He got a job with Ohio Wesleyan which has allowed him some freedom to incorporate his ideas with the university and with counseling.  David has also been instrumental in bringing Earth Dance International to Central Ohio (see http://www.earthdance.org/).  He is, of course, also our part time minister.

Joys and Concerns;  Betty is recovering at home but does not feel up to the task of joining us today.

Announcements:  Wednesday at 7pm at the church will be a brainstorming session about how to give the public a public voice in climate change.  On October 10th, there will be a 350.org event at our church from 1 to 5PM.  Next Sunday, the humanists will be having their picnic at our church.  We are welcomed to attend.  See Sue for details.

The three cranes grove hosted a very successful Sunday service for he attendees at the Dublin Irish festival.