Darby and Rachel helped Thurman clean up his apartment this week and Thurman wanted to thank them publicly.  Nick is back in Ohio from College this week.  He encountered first hand the mountain-top removal process for mining and he said it was much worse than people realize.

The children’s story this week is “OH the places you’ll go”

Our Community is Our Mountain.  It is said, don’t bring the mountain to Mohamed, bring Mohamed to the Mountain.

We host AA meetings and The Humanist groups.  We support individuals and we support each other.  We invite out members to speak here on Sundays.  We have something to offer the neighborhood, the City, the World.

Neighborhood churches transform neighborhoods.  Hospitality, discernment, healing, contemplation, testimony (Sharing transformation), diversity, Justice in how we treat each other,  worship in how we celebrate what is good, reflection in how we see things from other’s prospective, beauty.

Transformation takes place at the grass roots level.  We are the community, we should be involved in the community.

Whatever you ask for in faith, you shall receive.