The application to receive grant money from the Kroger Foundation has been submitted.  Jan discovered that the Church id # from the UU Association was sufficient to become enrolled.  We did not need the designation as a non-profit from the IRS.  Stan, who had donated the fee money to pay for the IRS designation donated the fee to the church instead to make up for those members of the church who were struggling to make ends meet.  Humanistic Judaism will meet today in the church building.  We have purchased a much smaller energy star refrigerator to replace the old electricity sucking refrigerator.

Joys;  Betty is back with us and thanks all for the get well cards and phone calls.  She said it really helped motivate her to get up and overcome her illness.  Nick has received monies that will enable him to avoid student loans for this semester.  Thurman is donating money on behalf of Rachel and Darby who helped him at his apartment but wouldn’t take any payment.  There was a good turn out at the Sierra club meeting and a good discussion.  It is Barbara Humrichouse’s birthday this week.  We lit a candle for Darby and Rachel’s friend, and for Nick’s family who has fallen on hard times.

Becca read the children’s story “the Widow’s Mite”  Witnessing the donations made by the rich men, Jesus highlights how a poor widow donates only two mites, the least valuable coins available at the time. But, Jesus observes, this sum was everything she had to her name, while the other people give only a small portion of their own wealth.

John spoke to us on the Prophetic Imperative.  It means that we have an inner urge to work in the service of our vision.  The fundamentalists have spirituality that instructs them to believe that their leaders have insight in to what is righteous and they have a strong sense of purpose.  The liberal thinkers have more freedom in what we believe and that sometimes makes it difficult to get a call to action.   Liberals are often marginalized by the fundamentalists because of their combined concentrated force of action.

However liberals do have common values.  (1) We know that we are interdependent and that gives us  a place to unify.  This is the Unity in Unitarian.  We treat the land, the water, the air with respect.  There are no chosen people, we are all interdependent.

(2) We have an inherent belief in the worth and dignity of every person.  We cannot tolerate injustice to “others” because “others” are us.  We all have involvement in social justice.  Sometimes our radical tolerance and acceptance of others is denigrated by others.  We do not have a creed to recite.  How would they know you were Unitarian Universalist if the government decided to round up all the Unitarian Universalists and throw them in jail?  For us, without a creed to recite, we have to be interdependent.  That is what makes us UU.

Religion is something we choose.  What we choose is what we are.  It is a misconception that you can believe anything that you want.  You have to believe what you are compelled to believe.

Our Mission statement:  We unite to support a warm, open religious community in which freedom to develop individual beliefs is cherished.  We reach out to the larger community to fulfill our need to stimulate our continued religious growth in the belief that our actions have presence in future generations.  Ours is not a place of sameness, agreement necessarily, or a creed to which you dedicate your life.  Ours is a place to celebrate diversity, to explore together.