Stan explained what he did at the Meadville District UU meeting in St. Clairsville.  Our District is comprised of Western New York, Western Pennsylvania, all of West Virginia and most of Ohio.  He attended sessions on how to help congregations combat racism, but the natural friendlyness of our little congregation already does everything that they were trying to teach, so we compare very favorably to them.  We are among the smallest congregations. 

There is designation of “green” congregation that we can strive for, but the elements of qualification are long and complex.  The District sells a book that has all of the information required to establish a green congregation, but it is expensive.  The website for the Meadeville District, does not have the information so far as could be determined after a casual search.  The casual search did reveal that there was some rather interesting information available at the website, it was just that information about how to qualify as a “green” congretation was not readily apparent.

A candle was lit for the victims of the Oil Slick that is approaching the coast of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Next week:  EVERYONE SHOULD BRING A FLOWER TO CHURCH for Betty’s flower ceremony.

Everyone interested in Church Landscaping please be prepared to stay for a while after services are over on May 16.  Becca wants to organize us again in case we are fallen into disorganization since the last organizing meeting was organized last fall.  Nancy has some recommendations to share from a landscape expert friend of hers.  The friend used to be the proprietor of “Herb and Ewe” in Thorneville.

Joy received her small individualized work of art from Betty that every new member receives… that work of art which we casually call our “name tag.”  Gordon has an updated members list.  Contact Gordon to get one for your very own.

We had travelers from Hartford County Maryland visiting this week.   Thurman will begin his travels next week.  He is staying at Bed and Breakfast establishments that are run by UU members.  There is a book and a website that tells the locations of all of these enterprises.  See Thurman for details… (he paid the fee to get the book.)

Next week at 1PM there will be a ceremony for standing women.  (  

(In May of 2007, thousands of women stood together in 75 countries and on all the continents of the globe to show their support for the world of which they dream.  Inspired by a story written by Sharon Mehdi of Ashland, Oregon, The Great Silent Grandmother Gathering, collectively they decided that it was time to take a stand to make a difference. By standing for a moment of silence, participants will recognize the importance for all of the children of the world of issues such as safe drinking water, clean air, food for all to eat, access to basic education, adequate health care and safety from violence.  The event is not limited only to women.)