Betty performed a beautiful flower ceremony based on the teachings of Norbert Capek.  Norbert Capek (1870-1942), a Czechoslovak minister of extraordinary ability who, after spending a few years in the United States, returned to Czechoslovakia in 1921 to found in Prague what soon became the largest Unitarian church in the world.  His work set in motion a vigorous new Unitarian movement across the land. The Nazis seized power in 1938, and his tragic death, in a Nazi concentration camp, was a terrible loss for the church and his country.

Using flowers the congregation shared stories and memories of mothers, grandmothers, and also daughters.  We shared stories of mothers who loved history, and mothers with a love of flowers, of music, and of poetry.  We showed that we have an awareness of our mother’s love of us even while they are doing the exactly wrong thing… smothering our own personhood as they insist on us living life according to the choices that they would make.  On the other hand, sometimes our mothers give us good guidance.  Yet, sometimes they teach us about awareness.  There are mothers whom we miss, and mothers who miss us.  There are even those of us who have no understanding of flowers and how they connect to the thought of our mothers.

Go in peace.

Do not forget the church is in need of donations for our rummage sale June 14, 15.  We lit candles for the flood victims in Tennessee, and for the victims, human, plant and animal, of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Charlotte shared a beautiful passage for the beauty of spring.