Marco gave us an update on his Spiritual Journey and on particle wave duality.  It was simultaneously “Little bits of matter matter” and “Little bits matter.”  The energy and the connections exist whether or not we are aware that they exist.  How are we able to connect to that energy that we (that is to say; most of us) aren’t even aware that we are connected to it?

Quantum particles are a metaphor for our connection to the energy that binds all living things together.  Quantum mechanics seem to operate just fine on their own, but as soon as we start to examine it, it appears to manifest itself different way.  Using quantum mechanics as a metaphor, we notice that the energy of the universe binds all living things together.  For example, perhaps there is a real and physical link between all living things that we cannot comprehend.  While we are sitting here not comprehending it, we are somehow perceiving it.  Nevertheless, what we perceive appears to us to be something else.  At this point (and at all points,) the energy of the universe collapses into something we can comprehend (which is a good thing because otherwise it would be incomprehensible.)  So, we end up with something that we can comprehend (and to some limited degree explain,)  but, what we comprehend may not even come close to the vast, underlying, incomprehensible, “real” universe in which we live.

Another metaphor, that our body is a “temple,” can also help here.  Somehow, throughout history, we humans comprehend that our body is a sacred temple.  Perhaps we perceive it as such exactly because  our body acts as an antenna that is tuned into that energy in the universe.  That would be a sacred thing, indeed.

Jan was unable to attend this week, but her thanks to the congregation for all its hard work this spring fixing up the building and grounds was communicated to us through Betty.  Candles were lit for Jan, Barb, Barb, and Thurmon.   Central Ohio for Peace meetings are on Mondays.

Rummage sale is June 11 and 12.  We need people to help that day and we need contributions of things to sell.

Grounds clean up will also take place on Saturday June 12.  That way we can cross utilize people for rummage selling and grounds clean up depending on whether we need hands in one place or the other.

Perry challenged us to volunteer in the community once a month for the summer months.  Perry has a list of volunteer opportunities.  If I get an opportunity to talk to him, your intrepid newsletter writer will try to get a link to those volunteer opportunities here at the UUCE website.

Marco bought a new blade for the lawnmower.  This was badly needed as the previous blade was badly bent.

And finally, don’t neglect to sign up to bring snacks for the rest of us every once in a while… um, I mean “refreshments.”