Teri Cornell spoke to us about the fear factor.

Some people seek out the adrenaline rush that comes from confronting our fears.  They go skydiving and who knows what else.  On the television program called “Fear Factor ” people confronted their fears because they got paid for doing it.  For some people, this happens all the time.  There is no need to seek it.  Just leaving the house produces anxious feelings.

The worst part of suffering from an anxiety disorder is the belief that the problem is unique to them.  They don’t know that other people have the same fears.

Anxiety disorder is a learned reaction to stress.  But the qualities that make us debilitated also make us good employees.  Sensitive, hard working, holding yourself accountable to high standard.  Fear doesn’t have to be debilitating to the point where it interferes with your life.  Sometimes that means being at the mercy of any too many “what-if” conjectures that for “normal” people would not be so limiting.  For some people, spirituality is debilitating because many of us weren’t allowed to question what was taught.

Feel the fear, do it anyway.  You will be OK.  When you do face it, you will be given the gift of knowing what comes out at the other side of your fears.

See Rachel Naomi Remen at www.rachelremen.com/.  She has two books:  

Dr. Remen’s tells stories about real people with fears such as: that we don’t belong, that we are powerless, that there is no place of safety or refuge for us. The healing they find heals us all.

Candles were lit for Donnie Williams, brother of Barb Wade, the master gardener who has been consulting with us on the grounds;  Beth who is in Mt Carmel; Thurman’s 76th birthday (Thurman has returned safely from his travels and is quoting Dylan Thomas on the topic of birthdays);  Teri Cornell’s granddaughter; Charlotte’s friend; the people and wildlife of Louisiana; and members Kimberly and Barb H. who are not able to be with us because of their current difficult life circumstances.

Joys:  We have new cushions for those among us who have difficulty sitting for such a long time on hard chairs.

The Yard sale is coming on June 11.  Get your stuff ready.

Matt and Emily brought refreshments today.

The children’s story was of the Blind man and the hunter.

Jan is trying to solve the problem of the Kroger fund-raising program.  We must certify with the Federal IRS that we are a tax exempt organization.  She is recruiting help to solve the IRS form for that certification.