The Conceptual age is defined by cognitive and creative assets and conceptual outputs rather than by the old paradigm of command and control oriented organizations with rigidly defined outputs… mostly tangible outputs.   Evidence of the paradigm shift is in the people and how they organize themselves.

It is evidenced by the people who are moving away from the major organized religions.  In the past, the age of faith and the age of belief was characterized by a rigidly governed hierarchy in the church.  Today, the age of spirit requires no such organization.

It is evidenced by the people who are moving away from counting on the governments to organize the world.  The green movement operates outside of the governments of nations to change the planet.  The old tern “Non-governmental agencies” has given way to the new title of Citizen Oriented agencies.

Working outside the traditional hierarchies may make conflict less necessary and hopefully this conceptual age will be an age of peace.

Announcements.  Be sure and catch one of the many opportunities to volunteer for earth day in central Ohio.  Check out: for volunteer opportunities.   Becca suggested we all go to the Pickerington Ponds clean up effort that begins at 1PM after next week’s church service.

Perry pointed out that there were still community guarden plots available in and around Reynoldsburg,

The church is sponsoring a yard sale on June 11 and 12 so bring out your stuff.