The Children’s story today was the Hindu story of Trishanku.  He was the arrogant prince who tried to enter heaven as a mortal with his body.  Through a series of unfortunate events, he managed to get himself suspended in a place that was neither heaven nor was it on earth… and, by the way, he was upside down.

We are all souls who want to belong somewhere.  Many of us are hybrids or hyphenated people of multiple faiths and beliefs.  The culture, however, prefers easily defined lables… no hyphens allowed.  All those who believe like they do are the saved humans and everything else is less than human.  They have identified themselves by whom they exclude.

The great thing about the UU church is that religious hyphens aren’t just tollerated, but are welcomed as the first-choice sort of people.  The hypens are accepted as seekers and not just tolerated as religious peeping-toms.   Sometimes ideas come out and are explored in our UU congregations that make us feel uncomfortable, but we keep returning because we know we are not alone.  Love has no boundaries or barriers, because we are ALL on the same side of love.

The UU General Assembly is in Minneapolis later this year.  If anyone is interested in going please see Stan.  Another one of the friends of this congregation is under threat of lay-off and, subsequently, will be losing health care benefits.  We lit a candle for the Congress and the President to find a solution to the health care problem in this country.  Kimberly has the joy of a new job offer and the concern of what on earth to do about care for little Owen.  Courage has had a health setback also… he has fallen on his injured arm and the re-injury has threatened his ability to get back to work before he too has a problem with health care benefits.

Sue was soliciting information about what people want to have in the way of Sunday services.  She has a nifty form for you to fill out to tell her what you want to have more of and what you want to have less of.  You need not be afraid of it because the categories are already lined up on the page… you don’t have to think up categories of stuff on your own.  Just see Sue, OK?