David Soliday related some stories about the Ohio Wesleyan Spring Mission trip to Belize.  He began by pointing out that we can accomplish in our lifetimes only a fraction of divine work.  But, it is sad when someone does nothing because he could do so little.

The point was to engage with different cultures to get to know them as equals.  They try to teach the students that we are humbled when we understand out contribution is smaller than we would like it to be.  During the week, the group poured some concrete and straightened a fence for the community school. painted and distributed rice and beans on behalf of Body and Soul ministries.  http://www.bodynsoulministries.com/index.html

Amid his stories, he posed the question about whether the trip’s benefits was worth its cost.  The cost to take people there was very high.  If you could donate that money, it would go along way to fix the infrastructure problems.  However, only by traveling there does one experience restorative justice, understand the greater community of humanity, and build leadership.  Sometimes we have to get outside of our familiar selves and surroundings in order to have a trans formative experience.

— We lit a candle for little Owen, who’s hospital testing has yielded more questions than they have answered.  He remains in our thoughts.

Stan reports that the District has programs on getting congregations to be motivated by love and to be “green” sanctuaries.   Our Congregation East group could teach them a lot of that.  There was a discussion about how hard it is to find a comprehensive list of recycling facilities in the Reynoldsburg area.  It was pointed out that the Columbus fire station s have extensive recycling facilities and there are bins at Blacklick Park.  Betty needs people to sign up to bring snacks in April for fellowship time.  (Today’s snack was excellent by the way)

Jim says next week he wants people to share stories about what you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger.