Jan taught us that there are many interesting parallels between the famous Mr Lincoln and the equally famous (and, to some, infamous) Mr. Darwin.  To start, they were both born on the very same day, February 12, 1809.  Lincoln was self educated, borrowing books from wherever he could.  Darwin had a college education, but he didn’t think much of it.  Darwin became self educated through his experiences. 

Interestingly, voyages played a pivotal roll for each man.  Lincoln’s voyages on boats taking goods down the Mississippi river forced him to confront slavery and see through the veneer of lies about its virtues.  Darwin’s famous voyage on the Beagle forced him to confront the flawed version of natural history that some people taught through the bible.  It never made any sense to Darwin that he should be condemned for doubting an obviously a flawed interpretation of the bible stories.


Today the Humanists will be using our building for their meeting at 2PM.  The Ohio Meadeville meeting is coming up March 26 and 27.   Stan will be attending to represent our congregation.  Anyone else who wishes to go should contact him.  Next week’s service will be the reschedule of the one that we did not enjoy because of the snow storm.

Our next pot luck is scheduled for the third Saturday in March.  We don’t expect the weather to continue to cause us to forgo that fellowship.  This week, let us remember the Chilean people suffering from earthquake damage in South America.  Another relative of a chuch member was laid off from employment this week.  Keep those who are suffering in your thoughts this week.  Betty returned to her traditional role of reading the Children’s story this week.  Her voice of wonder is always appreciated.  The most unappreciated among us is Thurman Sinks, who tirelessly and silently (well, mostly silently) cleans up after every Sunday service.   Lets all thank him once in a while.