30 people in attendance today.  Movie night has been moved.  Call Betty for details.

More news of church friends who have lost their jobs.  Keep them in your thoughts.

Kimberly’s dog is healing from the attack by a neighbor’s dog.

New information about clean energy legislation is at http://www.onesky.org/

Kudos to Matt and Emily for providing snacks today.

Board Meeting

Jim will be sending out receipts for pledges in 2009 for tax purposes sometime in the next month.  For those of you who don’t know, the building is available for rental.  We ask for donations to pay for the utilities used.  A formal procedure for getting reimbursement for small sums was institutionalized.

Sue reviewed the schedule for February.  She works really had to keep interesting things happening each Sunday.  She deserves a thank you.

Jan and her space cadets volunteered to organize the sanctuary so that we can fit more people into our limited space.  It is called the aesthetics committee.  The Parking lot also needs to be reworked.  Jim and his tape measure volunteered to take that on.  It is called the Jim volunteered again committee.

Gordon will be unable to keep the choir going as he attends to Connie in these next hours, days, weeks and months.  It was decided that the choir would continue to meet at 10:00 on the first and third Sundays even if we don’t have anything planned to sing.

Rob Mathews is an ordained Episcopal priest.  He used a fly fishing metaphor for explaining the Tau.  First, be present in the eternal now.  Be aware of all that is above and below the water.  Second, become as one with the universe.  Become one with the water the wind and the trout.  Third, begin to seek.  Think about the water, the fish, the stream, the mountain that gave us the stream.  Seek whatever it is that you have not yet found.