David spoke about some of the cultural views of “light.”  At the time of the winter solstice, just about every culture takes note of the astronomical fact that the amount of time light comes to us from the sun has changed from ever diminishing to ever increasing amounts of time.  Hindu, Inca, Jewish, Persian, Zorastrian (to the extent that anyone can know anything about Zorastrians), Roman, Kwanzan, Slavic and Celtic traditions all celebrate the new return of ever increasing light.  Even Pastafarians have their “Holiday” this time of year.  Light is used as symbol in many contexts and they are all positive:  Liberty, Wisdom, Virtue, Truth, Hope, Rebirth.

We are beings of light.


Deepa P. brought snacks. 

Next week is a celebration of Seasonal Traditions.  Come listen to the follow-up on David Soliday's sermon on celebrations of light.  If you wish, you can share a little something of your family's seasonal tradition and we will find a little microcosm of the planet's traditions as they have found their way to Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

The children's education room was dry and toasty today for the first time in winter memory.  A lot of the credit goes to Courage who did substantial work on the room in the fall.

Don't forget the Three Cranes Solstice celebration.  See www.threecranes.org for details.

Perry has taken our food gifts to the food pantry.  He reminded us today that giving is an action of the spirit as well as the pocketbook.  In this season, try to find a way to give that you can put your heart into.

The meeting of the church board occured after services.  Non board members are always invited.  Stan gaveled the meeting to order with his swiss army knife.  The treasurer's report indicated that our expenses exceeded the amount collected in offerings in November and will likely do so again in December because the annual insurance premium is due in full.  End of year pledges have net to come in, so December collections are usually better than November.

The Secretary read the minutes.  January services were discussed.

Much of the discussion time was given to the way the website should be governed.  If you are reading this, then you are a beneficiary of the discussion.  If you aren't reading this then you probably don't care and it was a good idea to skip the board meeting this month.  The board decided to open up some blog postings to comments but that Rick will monitor the comments and have authority to delete anything objectionable.  Rick gets to define objectionable so that he doesn't have to call around for a collective decision before deciding between what is really crass and what is merely unhelpful.

Kimberly volunteered to put the church on Facebook and "friend" Ohio Meadville district.  If you have been "friended" recently you can thank the Webster's dictionary folks who decided recently that "friend" and "unfriend" are verbs.

We also decided to put the "Welcome" message at the head of the website instead of the "upcoming services" message.  This is because the first thing the existing members of the church want to see is "upcoming services," BUT, the first thing the general public should see is the "Welcome."  So the Welcome page will now be the beginning... or it will be as soon as somebody figures out how to accomplish that.