This was the seasonal celebration of sharing day.

The choir sang Carol of the Bells.

Kimberly announced that UUCE has a Facebook page and a twitter account.

Betty shared some bulletins from past years of seasonal celebrations.   Thanks were offered to Mary Woodward who contributed the cover art for the 2009 seasonal celebration of sharing.

Kimberly sang “Oh Holy Night”.

Perry read his poem “Midwinter Sunset”

Rick talked about the importance of bells to his family memories.

Lisa read her poem about friends that she wrote at age 16… see below

Sue and Jim performed a wonderful dance.  It looked as if they had been practicing for weeks and it was later revealed that they are so good together that they do that without much practice at all.

Leesa read a poem by Dan Ralph Miller.

Shawn read a piece by Lao-Tse that was quoted in the book In Nature’s Honor by Patricia Montley

Matt J shared his humorful drawings.

About Friends

When the world gets you down,
And you feel like giving up,
Look up into the sky and dream.
Dream of the good times that were,
And of the good times to be.
In all your life, the good outweighs the bad.
But, when all seems lost,
Remember your friends.

When you’re up and everything’s fine,
Take time to look at your world.
Watch and listen till it all fits —
The children, the animals, and the flowers.
When it all comes together,
You’ll realize your life’s worth living.
But, when all seems lost,
Remember your friends.

When you’ve grown and moved away,
Don’t forget the good times and dreams.
Ever remember the children and animals,
And, when you visit at home,
Stop and pick some of those flowers
For the friends you’ve remembered.
And, when all seems lost,
Your friends will remember you.

Lisa A. (age 16)