Madeline spoke today about the founding fathers of the United States.  For the most part they were Deists.  They believed in a God who established the universe and they let it run.  God watches to see how it turns out but does not take an active part, interfere with, or try to justify any of the things that turn out.

It was the time of the Enlightenment and these men believed in the power of reason.  God did not interfere, take sides in disputes among humans or impose miracles.  God did not play favorites.

The government was in no better position to dictate religious belief to the American people.  In fact it was Madison who penned this line as the opening statement of the Bill of Rights:   “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”

Jeffersonians are freethinkers, skeptics, and rationalists which means that if they are Christians they are to nominal and habitual Christians rather than believers in the divinity of Jesus. Jefferson believed that Jesus was one of the greatest men who ever lived certainly the greatest ethicist and the simple adherence to the ethical code of Jesus would bring about paradise on earth. But the metaphysics from the miracles to the apocalypse from original sin to the Trinity or the efficacy of prayer were inherited mythologies that embarrass the validity of Jesus message and which can (and should) be discarded by beings worthy of the title “rational”.

If you find yourself wondering about the nature of a divine spirit but have not come to terms with your search, then come join us at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation East in Reynoldsburg.  Or even if you have but you are a free thinking person who enjoys hearing other people’s perspective, then tear down that wall of reluctance and come join us on a Sunday.