Owen spoke to us today on how to be interesting.  It was interesting.

  1. Sometimes you have to ignore the audience.  (Close your eyes so you don't find out that they aren't having the time of their lives.
  2. Make sure you have your materials prepared (said the career classroom teacher... Owen teaches Math)  In today's case it was the 7 UU principles.
  3. Look at each person in the audience.
  4. Have good optical/visual aids. (use colors of the rainbow and keep it simple... but not so simple that your are showing a blank piece of paper... find a balance.)
  5. Quote some kind of scripture or sacred text from some spiritual tradition.
  6. Prove a theorem.  (Did I mention that Owen is a Math teacher?  Actually, put in the terms of an English major... he says state your thesis and provide evidence to convince people you are correct.)
  7. Add historical references.
  8. Use projective Geometry.  (Can't think of how the English majors would handle this one.)