Owen spoke today on Arts & Sciences.  The theme was really "the seven liberal arts": the medieval European school curriculum. The program featured an old engraving, (hand-colored by owen,) showing personifications of these "arts" (grammar, rhetoric, and logic [the trivium], and astronomy, arithmetic, geometry, and music [the quadrivium]). The number "seven" has a sort of mystical status of its own. The UU church has "seven principles" of course.  Also there "seven colors of the rainbow".  I should point out that Owen's version of the seven colors of the rainbow differs from the usual interpretation of the colors of the rainbow, but its his symbolism that is important here, so we are sticking with Owen's interpretation for a while.  Owen used his seven colors to illustrate the "seven arts" engraving.  He went on to explain how the order that the colors appear can be used for insight into the meaning.

Tell you what, come visit our church.  I will introduce you to Owen and he can explain it himself to you.  I think that is the best solution I can offer here.  I mean it, please come visit.  We are small, but in a friendly way.