Tich Quang Hy spoke to us today about Buddhist Meditation.  He comes to us from Viet Nam by way of the 1975 evacuation.  The Buddah was born in India.  We live in Central Ohio.  These are not relevant facts, because our Karma is joined together, it is our basic humanity.  We are born, have short lives, and we die.  When you come back to life, your Karma is visited upon you as a reward (or as a retribution... note: my nephew Josh is going to be in trouble if this is the case.)  Sometimes your reward/retribution is so enormous that it spreads across several lifetimes (this is a tricky concept because now I don't know whether Josh is reaping the retribution of a previous life or accumulating future retributions for his coming lives.)

Karma story:  A rich man found his friend wandering in the street as a beggar.  The beggar has also been a rich man, and this turn of events greatly affected the rich man.  The rich man gave his friend some gold, and his friend put them in his sleeve-pocket (I guess you have to know that Buddhist robes have sleeve-pockets to understand the story.)  Much time passes.   Our rich man was again in the street and he encountered his friend again.  The friend remained a beggar.  The rich man said "why are you still begging?  What happened to the gold I gave you?"  And the beggar showed him told him that the gold remained with him still and showed him that the gold was in his sleeve pocket.

(I"m going to have to stick with the parables of Jesus, because Karma stories are enigmatic to me.  ...if you have the karma of a beggar it doesn't matter how much money you have, your spirit will always be the spirit of a beggar?)

There are 5 precepts in Buddhism.  Try to live your life as if you overindulged in these in your previous life and you are now trying to atone.

  • Abstain from taking the lives of living beings
  • Abstain from taking that which is not given
  • Abstain from sexual misconduct
  • Abstain from telling falsehoods
  • Abstain from distilled and fermented intoxicants which are the occasion for carelessness

Every morning, he advised, drink a glass of water to cleanse your body.  Your body develops toxins and drinking water helps clean out your body.

Meditation:  Your mouth, body and mind should be clear.  Hold your breath.  Turn left, turn right.  breath out.  Every time you breath, you breath a lifetime.  You breath in.  You breath out.  That is a lifetime.  If you don't breath in again, you are done.

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Here is a link to The Five Precepts of the Buddhist Golden Rule because I don't think my description comes close to portraying it clearly