Maggie was back among us to teach us more about modern mythology.  We are building new myths all around us and today we discussed some of them.  Mythology is the bundle of stories we tell to teach one another about our shared values.  We have new myths, Harry Potter and his friends for instance.  People take in these stories and weave their lessons into a belief system.

New archetypes such as Yoda and Gandalf take on the Wise Old Man character.  Have you ever noticed that in the highest rated TV show of this era, NCIS, the lead character has unerring intuition?  The leader of the investigation team, Gibbs, is imbued with the power of intuition that is never wrong.

The comic books are full of modern day myths.   Kirby invented a stable of modern heroic characters for Marvel Comics.

In Japan, the resurrected the concept of Emperor as a living god (the resurrection myth).  Mythology can be misused after all.  Hitler invokes ancient myths as justification of his obsession with dominance.

In the end, myths are not about stories that never were.  Myths are the stories that continually occur again and again.

Come join us.  We have lively discussions after our speaker is finished with the presentation.  Our sign out front says "free thinkers welcome."  We don't insist on new people believing in our communal myths.  We consider things openly and honestly.  Bring your own baggage, your own myths, your own legends.  We enjoy a good conversation and we would like your contribution.  Check the calendar for upcoming topics.