Owen re-introduced us to our hymnal.  Turns out, there is a lot of interesting stuff in there that we just don't really pay any attention to most of the time.  There are quite a few resources.

Of course, the problem with is is that it turns out that most of us can't sing.  Not just us, but everybody.  No less a guy than Martin Luther himself solved the problem by taking the popular songs of his time and giving them new, more religious, lyrics.

The neurology that we have learned in recent years is also fascinating.  Neurologists can see what part of the brain is functioning during singing and it lights up the part of the brain that is associated with deep emotion.  Just hearing a certain song can bring any one of us to tears.  Certain songs remind us of events, and more importantly, the people we remember with those events.  Sometimes we sing the words to ourselves, sometimes out loud.  On those occasions when we all sing together, there is a special bond that grows among us.

Singing does convey a message, Martin Luther was right about that.  But it also conveys emotion and it builds group strength.  It gets in your head, really.   The shape of your head affects the sound that comes out of your mouth,  But, ultimately, its just cool to be able to get everyone to sing together.