Today is the National Preach-in for the planet.  Despite the fact that the U.S. Senator that heads the Senate Environment committee thinks that if it is snowing in Washington, then that proves that global warming is a hoax on the American people, the consensus of scientists who study climate agree that the climate is warming.  There is also general agreement that the strong correlation between humans putting carbon into the atmosphere and the global temperature rise is, in fact, a causation relationship... that is to say that human activity is causing the warming.

We humans consume and dispose, and we do it in such an unbalanced way that it is affecting the balance of climate on our planet.  We dispose in a very harmful way and developing countries are bearing the burden of that.

Our little planet has a delicate balance of nature in order to sustain the life we find on it.  Already we are making it difficult for the planet to sustain us.  The Audubon society, for example, is dedicated to conserve and restore natural ecosystems for birds and other species.  They are alarmed at climate change.  It is messing with the birds.  Birds themselves can move to cooler climates to maintain their preferred temperatures, but the plants they feed on cannot so easily adapt to rapid change in the environment.  The birds are having trouble feeding themselves.  You cannot be a climate denier in the presence of a bird watcher.  You can't fool them.  They know.