Well, I know that nobody is going to come here to read a post about what happened at the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly.  But, let me just say that the first precept of this clan is that we believe in the democratic process in our UU congregations.  We are an independent minded lot of people full of conflicting and contrasting ideas.  When the national organization tries to provide some leadership, it can get a little messy.

In our session together today, I talked about where the national organization was trying to lead us and how they failed to bring a lot of the congregations along in their journey.  Then we, here in Reynoldsburg had a bit of a discussion about the nature of leadership, particularly leadership in a faith based, community action organizing community of people who all feel like they can make a real difference in the world if they can get enough people organized.  Of course the other half of the room is trying to organize for a different goal over in their corner.

Well, we here in our congregation tend to be a little less contentious than the national bunch.  If you think you would like to join us in our discussions, then we would love to have you.  We have a service every Sunday.  Our service is respectful of the spirit of life however you have come to understand it and from whatever faith based community you grew up in, if any.  In our hearts we have holy places, in our building we have acceptance and appreciation of you.  Even if you have never been here, you can call this place home.