Today, we had a very interesting morning sharing “Art that Inspires us.”  We are a small congregation, and one thing that our small group can do easily that larger congregations have trouble doing well is to maintain a real sense of community.  In today’s case, we all took turns talking about the art that inspires us.  Some of us brought some art (or in many cases photographs of art and in one case just actual snap-shot photos) from home and it gave us some tangible understanding of what was being described.  Some people did not bring the art that inspires them, but rather brought descriptions of that art in their mind’s eye.  We have a couple of people in our congregation with serious artistic talent, so this was a fun day.

Not a pretty piece of art, but a good rendering of emotion was the Russian painting of Ivan the Terrible with his son just before the son died and just after Ivan realizes that he had caused his beloved son’s death.

One person brought the painting of Anne of Cleaves by Holbein that made her look beautiful so that King Henry VIII would agree to marry her.  There’s a story…

One person brought a blank piece of paper… saying that this paper was inspiring to the imagination.

Another person suggested that anything a person draws with his/her own hand is an inspirational work of art.

Norman Rockwell art was recommended as capturing the emotion of the age.  Maxfield Parrish, Georgia O’Keeffe,  and Mary Cassatt paintings were all put forth as inspirations.  Toulouse Lautrec was put for the by one.

Me?  I brought a photo of my two kids.  When they were born, I was inspired to be a better person.