Owen spoke to us today about the human spirit and its free and responsible search for meaning, as well as a dash of seeking justice, equality and compassion.  We are talking about self publishing.  In the 1990’s, before the internet opened the world to the idea of self publishing,  there was a boom in self published “Zines” or home-constructed magazines that were published on paper.  Owen started constructing Zines long before that.  He published “Ten Page News” using a “Ditto” machine.  He was inspired by many who had gone before him as self-published authors.  One he remembered was the Principia Discordia… the bible of Discordianism, a fringe religion if ever there was one.

Fringe activity allows a social outlet to people for whom society in the “normal” range is unattractive… and it is likely that the normal range of society may well find that individual unattractive.  Yet, there are a wide range of ways to seek meaning in life.  For those “tagging” on the railroad cars and highway overpasses, this is a form of self expression, not a crime.  Yet society is going to classify it as a crime, so the essential word is “responsible” search.  But I digress again.  Owen taught us a little bit about self expression in self publishing of magazines.  It was interesting.

I might find myself in that definition of those turning to the internet as an outlet of self expression.