Today, Madeline spoke to us about the Edict of Torda.  In 1568, in the city of Torda, in what is now Romania, one of the world’s first statements of religious tolerance was announced.  King John Sigismund proclaimed the Edict of Torda.  Unitarianism was officially recognized for the first time in the history of the world in this document. That proclamation is the beginning of our legacy to be a spiritual tradition that resists hatred, oppression, and the view that there is only one way to be faithful, to be religious, to be free. 

It stated that "faith is a gift of God" and prohibited the persecution of individuals on religious grounds. In practice, the edict only sanctioned the existence of four "received" denominations – the Catholic, Lutheran, Calvinist, and Unitarian Churches. Further religious innovations were prohibited during the reign of John Sigismund's successor, Stephen Báthory, but religious tolerance remained a distinguishing feature of the Principality of Transylvania (the successor state of John Sigismund's realm) in Early Modern Europe.

450 years ago the King of Transylvania said you could be a Unitarian (instead of a Trinitarian.)  Come see what it is like some Sunday.  We are here every week at 11AM (Sometimes 11:05)