Today, Lessa spoke to us about the common themes of spring across many cultures.  She spoke from her experience at the Magical Druid Spiritual Resource Center (Located here in Columbus, OH.)  In all the western religious traditions, spring rituals seem to feature the concept of emerging from the darkness into the light.  As with a seed, these traditions often involve a lead character going underground (usually to the underworld such as Hades) and then emerging back into the light in the spring.  Leesa touched on the Norse, Celtic, Jewish, Muslim, Egyptian and Persian cultures in her discussion.

An additional theme of balance crept into the discussion because the religious traditions are always tied in some way to the Vernal equinox.  What other day provides such a time as when cultures discuss the balance of life and death, joy and sorrow.  The equinox, afterall, is the obvious day of perfect balance.

Another sub-theme came about when she pointed out that Mars is both the god of war and the god of civic responsibility.  That is an interesting balancing act.  

If this is a discussion you would like to have with friends, but can't find the right friends to have this discussion with, then come join us on Sunday mornings.  We are a pretty liberal humanist-like congregation of free-thinking theologians (see last weeks write-up.)  We are here every Sunday, and we have coffee.

(next week we just gave up on trying to compete with Easter, so we are having a small pot-luck.  Come meet us and see what pops up in conversation.)