Is anyone... can anyone... persuade you to change your mind?  Persuadeto move by argument, entreaty, or expostulation to a belief, position, or course of action We discussed this today.  John Adams wrote that facts are stubborn things, but our minds are even more stubborn.  

Today we had a very lively discussion.  Our newest contributor, Jenny, persuaded us that emotion touches the heart and the intellect.  We cannot present enough facts to overcome the feeling that if the other person in the discussion believes you don't care about them, then they will not listen to your facts anyway.  The intersection of cultures helps people see things in a new way.  This is why, we think, that living in cities widens perspective, introduces new ideas.  It was a spirited discussion afterward. 

Come join us in our discussion.  We might change your mind, but keep in mind that UU insist on no absolute religious dogma.  We share a spiritual journey (well, some of us) but we don't dictate one.  We explore religions from time to time, and discuss spirituality even more often. 

If you are a free-thinker, please consider joining us some Sunday,