Fathers are a complicated lot.  Today we talked about fathers.  Some of them had very hard lives and never talked about it.  Many who go off to war never talk about it.  Andy's father was an immigrant from Ireland and it was a very hard transition to come to America.  He didnt talk about it (much).  Fathers are impish, fun, foolish.  My own father would do anything not to appear foolish.  And fathers can be dictators and supportive at the same time.  We talked a lot about our fathers.

...and we read and meditated over Fathering Words:

Fathering Words
Fathering Words

I invite you into a period of quiet meditation.
Close your eyes if you wish, and get comfortable in your seat.

Think about the father-figure you carry in your heart.
I invite you to remember the gifts and the wounds you received from that person or persons.
If any feelings come up, just breathe deeply
and honor those feelings as a connection with your own heart…


As we close our meditation,
I invite you to listen to some fathering words that we don’t get to hear often enough.

[Male reader, mindfully]:
I love you, just the way you are.
I have confidence in you. You can achieve your goals.
I will stand behind you; you can depend on me.
I am proud of you.
Stand up for yourself. Your opinions and feelings are important.
I have faith in you.


When you are ready, you can breathe deeply three times, and open your eyes.