Today, Brittany Packnett spoke about names.  I fear I will not be able to do justice to her thoughts.  The thrust of it is that we should respect the individual and the culture enough to speak a person's name.  A name is who a person is.  One of the most efficient ways to demean a person is to rob that person of his or her name.  And this is rooted in deep racism of course.  The first thing a slave owner would take away from a slave is his or her name.  Slave owners would give the new arrivals a new name.

Learn a person's name.  It comes with the person.  Often it is rooted in that person's culture.  That's ok.  Learn to speak is properly.

Brittany had a lot to say and i'm not doing it justice.  We had a long discussion afterward.

Find out more about Brittany: here.